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National Novel Writing Month!

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Holy Fucking Shit.
Yeah, I'm not usually one to swear, so maybe I've your attention now. Giggle But it's appropriate in this particular instance. I wrote a 142,778-word manuscript in April for Camp NaNoWriMo. This is my first NaNoWriMo win, which is awesome, but it's also my first completed first draft ever. EVER! I don't count that other... *muttermutter* Ahem. Aww

Anyway! I am so ecstatic that I actually finished! Winner Not only did my attempt at a realistic goal (I started the month planning for a 20,000-word goal) relax me enough to charge through thousands of words, I hit 142 thousand! That's beyond anything I've ever attempted. (I know I keep repeating myself, but I'm so happy! :squee: ) I kept bumping my word goal up from 20K to 50K, then to 80K or 100K, then to 120K (about right for a fantasy novel these days), and I even passed that. If you've never filled out a star chart to track your progress, OMG do you need one. I cannot explain how happy it made me, being able to color in a little bar graph and give myself a gold star Star! when I reached a goal! I'm planning to figure out how to make another one, probably on posterboard from the local craft store. 8.5"x11" just doesn't cut it. It's too small.
Mighty Novel Progress Log! by MotleyDreams
See? (The above is 12.5"x13.5".) And yes, if you squint, you can tell that I wrote over 10,000 words on the last day of the month, scrambling to finish the manuscript and reach "The End". :happybounce: (Which I realize I didn't actually type in. I guess that'd make it a nice round 14,780 words.) Does anyone ever type "The End" at the end of a novel anymore? And, because someone's going to ask about the weird number tracking at the 5th through 7th, it's because I was rewriting some old material to include and I wanted to keep track of how many new words I'd written. By the time I hit my goal of 20K new words written, I stopped keeping such careful track.

So I was really crazy this month. Sweating a little... I come out of it with a completed manuscript first draft which needs to get set aside for six months or more before I can begin a true revision process. I read through it yesterday to fix a few typos, fact-check a bit, that sort of thing, but now I'm calling it quits. For in addition to my ridiculously long manuscript, I also have a migraine that won't go away, body aches that could use a miracle, and a variety of internet sites, friends, chores, and obligations I have let slide for a frickin' month. CURSE YOU! I have other things I'd like to work on, but if I do anything, it's going to be novel prep for the sequel or a rewrite from scratch of another old manuscript, the one which shall not be counted among "finished" drafts. :D (Big Grin)

It's going to take me a month to catch up, I think. May is going to be hectic, simply because I'm trying to do two months' worth of stuff all at once. If I'm late with something for you, I'm sorry, it was not my intention, April just kinda ran away with me. And the last shreds of my sanity. What can I say? NaNo is like that. =P (Razz) Now I have to catch up on ten or so play-by-post forum games, which is a lot of character-driven writing. That's probably step one. Then I might allow myself to buy some NaNoWriMo stuff like a sweatshirt or mug, because I really want to celebrate finishing a manuscript finally!

Star Red catch up on RPG Crossing! Meow :3
Star Red doctors' appointments this week

I also signed on to Beta-Readers to do some gallery cleanup just before I started doing NaNo prep and got swept away by the lot of this, so that is on the way also! I have not forgotten, inknalcohol, I swear. =P (Razz)

Star Red Beta-Readers gallery deviantART Groups cleanup/catch up
Star Red debate wisdom of July Camp NaNoWriMo I am a dummy! 

Please comment if I've forgotten anything, my mind is pretty chaotic just now and I likely forgot lots! 

Skin by Nichrysalis, modifications by me.

I've Gone Wild

Thu Apr 16, 2015, 10:52 AM
Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I'm at 81,000 words and counting. I've ignored my dA inbox for a couple weeks, my email inbox is stacking up, and the gaming forum I play on is worse. If you were hoping I was doing something, I'm sorry, I've basically put my entire life on hold until I finish April. When I hit my original 20K word goal I was happy, 50K and I was ecstatic, now 80K and I'm frantically hoping I can continue at a reasonable pace to finish what's looking like a 120K-word novel by the end of the month. That would be awesome, but I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop...

Ciao till May 1st (or more realistically, 2nd)!

Somebody tell Murphy (of the infamous Law) that whatever he thinks I said about his mother, it wasn't me.


Marie Efromson
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I'm glad it worked for you.  These are trying times, but there are a lot very complex issues that many assumed were "put to bed" that are finally re-raising their heads.  Again, thanks abunch.  :)
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